NASA spacecraft observes incredible flow of Ice on Mar

Mars, once a water-rich planet, is now 1,000 times drier than Earth's driest desert, yet some ice still flows slowly on the Martian ground.

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Mars' surface is home to glacier-like landforms, with slow, viscous flow patterns found in non-polar regions, according to Mars geologist Mike Mellon.

This ice is moving slowly. It tends to form on rocky debris inside valleys and craters.

Ice flows downhill, removing rock and soil from surrounding landscapes, creating a gradual network of linear patterns that reveal ice flow history.

Despite the melting or evaporation of ice, the rock flows on Mars, indicating its diminished yet still active geologic activity.

NASA's Perseverance rover is exploring the river delta in Mars' Jezero Crater for potential signs of primitive life, despite the ice contrasting with the planet's watery past.