Hairstyles for Rainy Days That Are Designed To withstand the element

Create a high ponytail for rainy days by using an elastic to secure it at the crown of your head. Apply gel or hairspray to the flat hair against your head to prevent frizz and maintain a sleek look.

High Ponytail

The low bun is a chic, relaxed look perfect for rainy days. Gather hair at the back of the neck and tie it into a loose bun. Frame your face with strands and add a touch of nostalgia with '90s-inspired tendrils.

Low Bun With Tendril

Bantu knots, originating from African hair traditions, are a protective style and rainy-day option. Originating from "Zulu knots" or "du Doubs," they shield hair from moisture and frizz.

Bantu Knot

The French twist hairstyle is a chic, nonchalant, and chic rainy-day accessory that can be effortlessly styled with a quick twist, graceful sweep, and secure clip.

Claw Clip French Twist

On a gloomy day, rock a messy bun reminiscent of early 2010s Tumblr vibes by gathering hair high, twisting it into a wind-tossed bun, and securing it with a hair tie.

Messy Top Knot

The spiky bun is an edgy, quirky, and rain-ready hairstyle from the '90s, requiring hair products to secure every strand and ensuring it stays in place.

'90s Spiky Bun

On rainy days, a bandana is a practical and stylish coverup option. It protects roots from moisture and elevates your look by adding an accessory. It's a perfect fashionable shield for short-term weather.

Bandana Coverup